IT Services

Photo by James McKinven on UnsplashOne of the greatest advantages of working with a Managed Service Provider is the ability to take advantage of large economies. We are able to reduce hardware and software costs with the purchasing power of our vendors. While your in-house professional is able to handle your day to day IT needs, they do not have the ability to provide the same price breaks on your hardware or software. Our ability to make volume purchases gives small and medium-sized companies the ability to purchase at rates of the larger companies. This can be a significant advantage over those who choose to order equipment and software solutions in-house.

We have also created service packages which include security software along with remote support and remote access for employees. These features provide you with package pricing and customized levels of support. These options are perfect if you need to free up time for your in-house IT professional or to get the benefits of a full IT team at a greatly reduced cost. Our packages include:

  • AVIT Premier

    AVIT Premiere is the full package. From desktop support to same day onsite service, this is the package for you if you rely on technology every day. You get the peace of mind that your network is going to work when you need it to work. You get options such as warranty on all network gear like routers and switches, remote access for employees working from home or out-of-office and technicians that are dedicated to fewer companies. This is your IT team.

  • AVIT Trendesk

    AVIT Trendesk is a combination of AVIT Desktop with an added security benefit. We have partnered with the industry leader in security software, Trend Micro, to offer the best security at the best rates. The combination of these two is a perfect solution to maintaining a secure, efficient network while saving on security licensing. It will also free up your in-house resources if you have them.

  • AVIT Desktop

    AVIT Desktop is our remote desktop support package. It provides you with access to our service desk technicians. We provide basic monitoring services with the ability to call in or e-mail our service desk. We guarantee a response to your inquiry within 4 hours. This is a great package for smaller companies who are not entirely reliant on IT for daily operations.

  • AVIT Custom

    AVIT Custom allows you to pick and choose the services that will best compliment your current IT setup or take care of your specific IT needs. You gain from our competitive software pricing or relieve specific duties of your in-house IT staff. Whatever your need, we can fill it for you.

  • Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Your information is too important to lose. The cost of replacing documents, files, customer information and company critical data is often immeasurable. Offsite backup is not an option for any company. It is an essential part of doing business. We offer full backup and recovery programs for all of your critical information.